Va Occupancy Agreement

According to the AA`s official website, the requirement to occupy an IRRRL differs from other AV loans. When you originally received your VA loan, you certified that you lived in the house or wanted to occupy the house. For an error, you just need to confirm that you`ve already occupied it. Most veterans say that some of the most confusing aspects of qualifying for a VA home loan are occupancy requirements. This is usually due to the fact that a member of the service receives and has to relocate his PCS orders. Will they be able to rent the house? Will they be able to get a second VA loan on their new site? Are there penalties or fines if this requirement is not met? If you retire within 12 months of the date of your loan application, you must attach a copy of your retirement application and proof of stability of needs. Although the VA requires entry into institutions within a “reasonable period of time,” retired veterans can negotiate a later move-in date. You have the option to apply for a delay (up to 12 months) in the conditions of occupancy. VA lenders understand that sometimes active staff don`t stay very long. Whether it`s PCS or availability, it`s perfectly normal not to occupy immediately or even within a 60-day window.

That`s your job, isn`t it? If you are not closed and you cannot make the 60-day window, your spouse can sign and fulfill the occupancy obligation with a specific real estate power of attorney. However, these rules only apply to AV loans. For IRRRLs, the VA says that an owner can only prove that he lived in the house. This poses far less of a problem with the occupancy of a VA refinancing than for home loans. It is not uncommon for home sellers who cannot move immediately to pay a month`s rent to first-time buyers as they make arrangements to move elsewhere. If this is the case, your lender will want to see a copy of the lease between you and them, but the lease cannot last very long. Va Loan requires that you occupy the property within 60 days of closing.

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