Agricultural Benefits Agreement Treaty 6

The interpretation of this clause is very different for federal government employees or bureaucrats and Indian leaders, because for us and our elders and leaders who negotiated and signed this contract, it refers to the health and health benefits of our people. And because our traditional healing mode is still present and alive, but we realized that we would need this support from harry Lafond from the executive director`s office for the contract commissioner`s office in Saskatchewan, said that the clause was interpreted differently by both parties involved in contract negotiations. Morris was at Fort Garry and left the country on July 27, 1876 to go to Fort Carlton to negotiate a treaty with the people of Cree. Morris was accompanied by W.J. Christie, Dr. Jackes, and was to meet James McKay at Fort Carlton. Alexander Morris and his team arrived at Fort Carlton on August 15 and met with the leaders of Carlton Cree, Mistawasis and Ahtukukoop. [12] On 18 August, negotiations began after attempts were made to include the entity`s natives in the treaty. [13] In 1872, Lieutenant Governor Alexandre Morris advised the government to negotiate a treaty with the indigenous peoples of the Northwest. Many years later, the government gave him permission to send the Reverend George McDougall to inform the Cree that a contract would be negotiated at Fort Carlton and Fort Pitt in the summer of 1876. Since the signing of the 6th contract, there have been many statements about the miscommunication of the terms of the contract from the point of view of the natives and the Crown. This misunderstanding led to differences of opinion between Aboriginal peoples and the government on the differences in interpretation of the terms of the contract. [2] All persons living in the contractual area of Contract 6 are beneficiaries.

“People just don`t go there,” Sanderson said. “Knowledge and information are simply not available. We still have to deal with it, it is a great contract matter. The Lake La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) is meeting with legal advisors in the hope of participating in negotiations to develop a framework agreement for agricultural benefits with the federal government. Faced with the sale of the Northwest Territories to the Canadian government of the Hudson`s Bay Company, The Natives were concerned about a contract with the Canadian government because they did not want their lands to be taken over. [9] As treaties slowly emerged to the northwest, the pressure of indigenous peoples on the government to conclude treaties slowly increased.

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